Holmes Oild Distributing
Holmes Oil Distributing is a family run business. If your requirements demand 24/7 delivery we will make that happen. Our company has a fleet of 4 tank wagons, 2 pickups and a stake bed. Through our relationship with our partner Terry Santmyer we have access to additional equipment, including over 80 semi tankers. We operate out of one of the most modern bulk plants in Ohio. We have the experience and the equipment to meet your needs!
My name is Mike Hummel, I started working for Holmes Oil Co. the day after I got out of high school in 1972. Back when I started, diesel fuel was 17.9 cents per gallon. Prices have changed since then, but our high commitment to customer service is still the same. I drove a truck for 18 years before being promoted into the office. I got that truck stuck 23 times my first year, but in those days, we were delivering to a lot of strip mines. By the time the drilling rigs fired up in the late 70s I did a whole lot better in the mud.

My wife and best friend Penny has worked in our office since 1978. We have the experience to meet your needs, whether it is agriculture, mining, industrial, in the oil patch, or at your sawmill or shop.

Holmes Oil Distributing has a full line of lubricants, motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear oil and greases. Brands included are Brad Penn, Chevron, Schaeffer’s, Shell, Mobil, Wolf’s Head, Marathon, and Valvoline. We have access to multiple racks across Ohio to ensure that we purchase our fuels at the best price possible. All fuels and gasolines are treated at our terminal with Schaeffer’s fuel additives to ensure that our customers receive Premium Diesel fuels and Top Tier gasolines.